About Our Company

At N.G.S. Enterprises, Inc., we spread your brand message throughout every service we provide to you - from brochures, ads, catalogs, point-of-sale materials and email campaigns to corporate identity, rebate and incentive/rewards programs to e-fulfillment, payment processing, order/data entry and shipping.

N.G.S. Enterprises, Inc. can offer you a single, stand-alone solution or a fully integrated program of services to build your brand. We can become a cost-effective extension of your business, saving you the time, expense and trouble of warehousing goods, processing orders and payments, providing customer service, choosing and ordering corporate logo gifts and incentives, or handling rebates. We also provide our clients the necessary information and reports to effectively measure the success of programs and make business decisions.

Our unique marketing approach that's making a big buzz in the business world - and making life a whole lot easier for prominent clients world wide. Tune in to learn how we can expand your "brand-width" with our integrated solutions and exceptional project management.

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